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            3. 0750-2512268
              走進林科Walking into the like
              開平市林科化工有限公司是一家集研發和生產為一體的開平名優企業、重合同守信用單位。   工廠座落聞名全國的碉樓基地-江門開平市,地處325國道。公司專業從事松香改性油性樹脂及水性樹脂的研究、開發和制造。產品廣泛應用于密封膠、壓敏膠、地板膠、紙塑膠、不干膠、阻尼膠、臺板膠、油漆、涂料、墻紙膠、皮革增澀劑等諸多行業,產品暢銷全國各地,深受用戶的信賴和好評。有扎根于化工行業20多年的技術力量支持,穩定可靠的產品質量,誠實守信的商業標準在廣大客戶中享有盛譽,歡迎海內外朋友蒞臨指導、洽談合作,我們期待與您攜手共創美好未來。
              2011成立 20年+行業經驗 800+客戶
              Lin Ke Chemical industry limited company is a rofessional company from kaiping,Guangdong to do business with goog reputation and jitegrity which is specialized in R&D and manufacture.

              Our factory is located in famous watchtower base,kaiping,jingmen,situated in the 325 th national road.and the company mainly engages in research,development and manufacture of rosin modified oil resin and waterbome resin.the products are ingreat demand by the cusomer trust and praised all over the country that spread over many industries,such as sealant,pressure-sensitive adhesive,paper plastic,damping rubber,platen glue,paint,coating material,wallpaper glue,leather astringent and so on.with technical force reliable product quality,honest and trustworthy business standards,our company enjoy high reputation among general customers.

              Both domestic and foreign clients are warmly welcome to our company to visit and give the guidance,coorperate with us.we are looking forward to creating a better future with you.
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